Tuesday, October 28, 2014


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Our newest outfit "Nikki" 

Mesh Jackets, five different sizes available
Mesh Jeans, five different sizes available
Belt, with resize script, touch to resize
Skull arm sleeve tattoo and rose waist tattoo included
Slink body and hand appliers included!

Please try the demo on first:) 

Model Info:
Hair - Tableau-Vivant, Glasses - Fnky, Bracelets - Blitzed, Collar 1 - DirtyLand, Collar 2 - Muka

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Witchie Poo - Halloween

Witchie Poo on Marketplace

Everything you need for your Halloween Events and Halloween Night!!
*Green Skin Tattoo (Copy) (Tattoo Layer)
*Slink Appliers (Hands, Feet, Body)
*with or without face and arm tattoo
*Mesh Black Dress (Copy) Different Sizes Available
*Mesh Striped Stockings (Copy) Different Sizes Available
*Black Witch Hat (Touch to Resize)
*Black Hair
*Skeleton Choker(Touch to Resize)
*Spider Necklace(Touch to Resize)
*Two bat rings(Touch to Resize)Right and Left hand
*Two Brooms(one to wear in your hand or one to ride)
*Three different eyes to choose from - Black, Green & Green & Red
*Black Mesh Boots - (Touch to Resize)
Please try the DEMO first.
Thank you for shopping Custom iNKZ!
CaseyJo Giugiaro and Kyle Moseley
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Creeper - Halloween

Halloween Creeper on Marketplace

Mesh Black Denim Shorts With Witches and Halloween Tattoo.
Mesh Shorts Available in 5 Sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) (Copy)
Tattoo Available In Dark, Medium and Light Tones. All 3 Layers. (Copy)


Leila On Marketplace

**Please try the DEMO
New Outfit by Custom iNKZ! LEILA
Mesh sweater available in different sizes (Copy)
Tights with Slink body appliers (Copy)
Bra with Slink body appliers (Copy)
Corset Tattoo with Slink body appliers! (Tattoo and all layers) (Copy) Comes in two versions - With or without words.
Tattoo reads on front side: "Forget the risk & take the fall. If its what u want, then its worth it all"

Model Info:
Hair - Tableau-Vivant, Necklace - ROZOREGALIA, 


Ice on Marketplace

**Please try the DEMO
New Outfit by Custom iNKZ! ICE
7 Mesh tops available in different sizes (Copy)
Mesh Jeans available in different sizes (Copy)
Black Belt (Touch to Resize) (Copy)
Butterfly Tattoos with Slink body appliers! (Tattoo layer) (Copy)

Model Info:
 Rings and Bracelets - Blushed, Hair -  Tableau-Vivant


Harper on Marketplace

Black Mesh Dress - Available in different sizes! (Copy)
Mesh Boots - Available in different sizes! (Copy)
Mesh panties - Available in different sizes! (Copy)
Tattoo - with Slink Appliers for feet and body. (Copy)
Dark, Medium and Light versions (Tattoo Layer)

We made a DEMO for you try the outfit before you buy:)

Model Info:
Bracelets, Rings, Anklets, Toe Rings - Blushed, Hair - Tableau-Vivant, Necklace - ROZOREGALIA


Emma on Marketplace

PLEASE try on the demo!!
Mesh Tank Top, Mesh Skinny Jeans, Mesh Beige Cardigan, Butterfly Tattoo all included!!
Extra Extra Small, Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large Sizes Available!
Tattoo comes on Jacket, Shirt, Undershirt and Tattoo Layers (Dark, Medium, Light) (Copy)

Model Info:
Hair - Little Bones, Bracelet & Rings - Blushed, Necklace - Earthstones